Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Brain Candy So the JAMA just published a study that shows that HRT causes ovarian cancer too. Poor Pharmaceuticals. They must consolidate just to survive. Or they can just endlessly sue generic drug makers, instead of inventing new drugs that might help people, as opposed to, say, killing them.
A high-profile study released this May by the National Institute for Health Care Management, a group partially funded by Blue Cross Blue Shield, roundly accuses Big Pharma of failing to perform the innovation that would justify its massive profits. According to the study, from 1989 to 2000, the FDA approved 1,035 new drug applications, of which only 35 percent contained new active ingredients, and only 24 percent were given "priority review" status by the FDA, an indication that they constituted significant improvements over previously existing medications. Instead, the study concluded, the industry has focused on cranking out "me-too" drugs that offered only minor improvements on what was already available. The study also concluded that Americans were spending more than ever on new drugs, even on those that weren't terribly innovative.
Brain Candy is the most realistic movie of the past 20 years.


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