Wednesday, July 10, 2002

No shit Hey Ladies: HRT isn't good for you. In fact, it's likely to kill you. Sorry we didn't tell you earlier. Did I mention that we don't know shit about the endocrine system? So, it's a bad sign that I'm posting to this thing at midnight, but what am I supposed to do? I can't even flip channels during the Howard Stern commercials without getting pissed off. I have to stop watching TV entirely. Update 7/10 [NYT] [NIH] NWHN: "Pharmaceutical companies have used statistical smoke and mirrors to tout unproven benefits, minimize risks, and mislead physicians into being an unsuspecting marketing force for a regimen that harms healthy women. There was never one single clinical trial that showed that HRT prevented cardiovascular disease or stroke. This is not a story of science moving sedately forward, carefully adding pieces to a puzzle before making recommendations to patients. This is a story of the corruption of the medical and scientific community. The belief that hormones are good preventive medicine has been a triumph of marketing over science." Wyeth: "These are valuable new data with significant implications.��However, it is also important to recognize the critical role that combination HRT plays in treating the symptoms of menopause, the number one reason that women start therapy," says Victoria Kusiak, M.D., Vice President, Clinical Affairs and North American Medical Director.� Update 7/11 [NYT] "Moving quickly to try to prevent women from stopping their hormone replacement treatments because of fear of breast cancer, the Wyeth company has sent 500,000 letters to doctors and other health care providers urging them to consider when they talk to patients the "critical role" that one of its products, Prempro, has in relieving the symptoms of menopause."

Could they be bigger assholes? The "symptoms of menopause" = being an old woman. Check out the Times article from yesterday (above). Of course, the "relative risk" the NIH is talking about is tiny, but that's beside the point.


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