Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Thank you sir, may I have another? Paul O'Neil, the genius who went to Africa with Bono, said this today:
And you know one thing that occurred to me in listening to this and being part of this, there are so many wonderful decent human beings who are running small and medium-sized and even large corporations. They need to be celebrated, too. In our country, I think we tend to run from one side of the ship to the other. And it would be pretty good for people to stop and reflect and maybe say a word to the people that they work for that are helping create jobs and innovating new products -- thanks a lot, you know you're not guilty of this stuff and we appreciate it that you're helping our economy to be the envy of the world.
Incidentally, he talks like a fucking Muppet. He's the Secretary of the Treasury.


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