Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Bushwhacking [Washington Post] Now, I'll admit that this is exactly the kind of story that used to make me avoid the news, but why has none of this come out before? Before, say, the election? Bush was on the board of another corporation that went belly-up: Caterair [Marriot's former airline-catering business acquired by the Carlyle group in a leveraged buyout]. Had some less-than-savory compatriots in this one too:
The investor group was headed by Frederick V. Malek, a Carlyle senior adviser who had served as director of the 1988 Republican convention -- the one that nominated Vice President George H. W. Bush.

Malek resigned in September 1988 as a high-level adviser in the elder Bush's campaign after disclosure that in 1971, at the insistence of his boss, President Nixon, he had compiled a list of Jews at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, who, Nixon suspected, were part of "Jewish cabal" that was distorting his economic achievements. Several on the list were later transferred to different jobs, but Malek said he had no role in personnel decisions and denied he had willingly engaged in anti-Semitic conduct, arguing that he had been coerced by Nixon's repeated requests.

Plus: Krugman calls Bush a liar. Meanwhile, this guy calls Krugman a liar, when he's not frothing at the mouth about the east coast media elite in general. Where do they find these douchebags? As Mediawhores notes:
Mr. Krugman had been identified as "ground zero for conservative commentators" by Lucianne Goldberg.� There are daily, relentless attacks against him by Andrew Sullivan and others who cannot tolerate even one voice of dissent.� The right is in a state of Krugman-induced panic, faced with the prospect of a journalist working at a major newspaper who not only knows how corrupt Bush, Inc. is - but knows how to convey it to the public and with no compunction toward apology or whitewash.


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