Friday, August 23, 2002

The Ford, I mean Bush administration is sending conflicting signals to Argentina, I mean Pakistan:
1. Musharraf redraws Pakistan's constitution.
2. The US is "concerned."
3. Pakistan rejects this "criticism."
4. The US restructures $3 billion in debt.
5. Then Pakistan accuses India of a major attack in Kashmir and India denies it.
"It is of vital importance that full democratic civilian rule be restored to Pakistan," State Department spokesman Philip Reeker said.... Hours later, President George W Bush stressed General Musharraf's key role in the US-led fight against terrorism. "He's still tight with us in the war against terror, and that's what I appreciate," Mr Bush said during a visit to the US state of Oregon.
Bonus: the people who control the world:
"If I remember correctly, the Emperor Charlemagne crowned himself too," one diplomat said here tonight [i.e., Islamabad after Musharraf announced the changes]. "It's the commando attitude." (In fact, Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne.)
You do not.


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