Thursday, August 08, 2002

LCD Monday, Ben emails to tell me to watch the worst show ever (which I did not). A few hours later my dad calls to tell me to watch dog eat dog, the bastard offspring of fear factor and weakest link, with really, really stupid chicks (one of them had never heard of Gloria Steinem, for which she was, perversely, penalized). Then, my vain attempt to consume wholesome content (if that's what you want to call the Red Sox leaving 23 men on base over two games) is disrupted by the two-part ESPN "documentary" on the raiderettes. The next morning, Barry Zito -- who is supposed to be so wacky and "out there" despite his Marina apartment and love for Dave Matthews -- wakes me up on Stern by inviting himself the next time Janine is on the show. Eventually my cousin asks "how much longer can this go on?" -- before returning to NeverWinter Nights.


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