Wednesday, August 21, 2002

More problems with organic [Salon]
Great article in Salon, emphasizing the problems with the USDA's National Organic Program, which goes into effect in October.
The original vision of organic farming as ecologically sustainable agriculture practiced by small farmers is giving way to big business. Organic's success is sowing the seeds of its own co-optation.

The future of sustainability depends on linking producers and consumers via regional production and networks of farmers' markets, food coops, and CSAs.

Meanwhile, Palo Alto rolls out organic school lunches even as Berkeley's program is going down the drain: "The main reason, it turns out, is that students really aren't all that into fava beans. According to an annual report prepared by CNAC members, students ate 39,000 fewer meals last year -- a whopping 33 percent drop from the year before -- costing the district $246,000 in federal reimbursements."
8/23: A couple months ago some New Zealanders found no significant nutritional difference between organic and conventional produce.


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