Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Nature VII
Since I am a genius, today I figured out that the special food section of Nature is accessible to all, thanks to the support of the agribusiness company Syngenta. So I do not feel compelled to quote any further lengthy passages.

There is another sobering article, Daniel Pauly et al., "Towards sustainability in world fisheries," Nature 418, 689-695, suggesting that said fisheries will collapse sooner rather than later, that fishery "sustainability" has never existed, and will not suffice to prevent mass extinctions, and that fish farming does more harm than good. Coincidentally, Melissa Pasanen has an article in the new Art of Eating on the ambivalence of aquaculture. Turns out it's not a good thing, aside from tasting like shit. One can only imagine how the new GM salmon, engineered to eat corn (surprise!) will taste. Of course, eating wild fish like, say Chilean sea bass a/k/a Patagonian toothfish, is hardly a responsible alternative, however palatable.


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