Monday, August 12, 2002

Note the date [NYT]
As [Salomon Smith Barney analyst Kenneth] Boss tells the tale, in late June, after spending weeks on a report analyzing three office furniture companies, he was lukewarm about the stocks' prospects and assigned them a neutral and high-risk rating. He argued that until the overall business climate improved, demand for these companies' products would be lackluster. When two Salomon investment bankers and Mr. Boss's immediate supervisor saw the draft report, they demanded that he revise it to be more upbeat. Mr. Boss refused. A few days later, on June 27, he was fired. Mr. Boss, 33, was offered $24,230 in severance from Salomon, which he refused.
Spokesmen are implying that that he's using the "current climate" to gouge Salomon out of a better severance, which is of course quite plausible.


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