Monday, August 19, 2002

Times of London editorial on Aventis's botched rapeseed trials. [BBC story]
Meanwhile, Zambia rejects their GM corn too, and there's an Oregon ballot measure to require labelling GM food.
And the Washington Times has a kind of summary article on the benefits of GM crops, with a surprising amount of info on the drawbacks, particularly the evilness of Monsanto.
Time's special section on "The Green Century," inspired by the Johannesburg sustainable development summit -- in preparation for which the hyperbole is flying.
The more, uh, toothsome aspects of food were covered in last week's New Yorker double issue -- thanks Tina! -- which you must buy to read the good parts of, but they have some stuff from the archives, including Lillian Ross's description of frozen dinners from 1945.

And Prof. Trewavas actually responded to my email about his Nature article.


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