Tuesday, August 06, 2002

This one's for my dad, who has to put in a new well because of all the golf courses in his town, which, along with the "spring water" bottlers down the way, are attacking his aquifer (the drought's not helpng either). Plus he's always loved Hightower.
Deep inside NAFTA, for example, is tucked a little nasty called Chapter 11, which water corporations already are using to force local governments to break the dam and turn loose their water for private exploitation. Also, with our government's blessing, the World Bank and IMF routinely pressure Third World nations to privatize their water systems.
Cf.: World Bank, Council on Hemispheric Affairs, Pacific Institute, and p-link.com, also brought to you by the world bank.
[Found the Hightower article on this site, which uses the same blogger template as mine!]


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