Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Here's that article from Nature Biotechnology on cloning cows to produce human antibodies. This makes the English nervous [BBC]. Americans, less so. [updated Thurs.]

In the same issue, some douchebag claims that labelling GM food is not ethically necessary, for some reason that I can't make out; and Matthew Metz is trying to say something about the scientific method and the peer review process, but I can't figure out what it is [obviously, I don't think that I'm particularly stupid, so I'm attibuting the incoherence of these "scientific" arguments to, uh, their incoherence]. It has something to do with the Mexican corn -- Metz is the guy from Cal's Syngenta Dept., now at UW, who attacked the Quist and Chapela paper. Meanwhile, agricultural gene banks are going to seed -- which puts a bit of a damper on Trewavas's comment to me (which I did not post): "One useful piece of information is that seeds of about half a million each of maize and wheat local variants are in storage."

A Washington Post editorial attacked Europe for hypocrisy on the African famine yesterday, but the WSJ reports that those Euro-crazies are having second thoughts [you can read it here].


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