Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Kristoff explains how we're about to unleash another Shi'ite theocracy in Iraq; Krugman brilliantly compares Bush to McKinley -- and 9/11 to the USS Maine -- but he better be careful: Shrub doesn't like it when you call him names like Augustus (gotta love the Germans!). Or Hitler.

Actually, this shows that Germans are stupid now too, because Bush bears little resemblance to Augustus, who the germans are only obsessed with because they slaughtered 3 of his legions. Bush, sadly, resembles Nero most closely in his chickenhawk posturing, Claudius in his oratory.

9/25: FT reports:

[German defense minister] Struck, in a radio interview on Tuesday, alluded to his US counterpart as "Ronald" Rumsfeld - a slip of the tongue interpreted by some as deliberate. Earlier this week, Mr Rumsfeld had pointedly refused to refer to his German counterpart by name, alluding to "that person" instead.


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