Friday, September 13, 2002

Remember how I pointed out the absurd US-China anti-"terrorist" back-scratching back in August? The Times explains how fake it is today:
Several diplomats from allied nations said the charges provided by the United States appeared to be largely a rehash of unproved Chinese assertions. They said their governments had acquiesced in the United Nations listing only to preserve unity.

State Department officials refused to provide instances of violations by the group, while asserting that Washington has independent evidence of its terrorist acts both in and out of China.

But if the Bush administration has such evidence, it was not visible in the internal "background statement and press guidance" the State Department prepared on Aug. 30. The document went beyond any recent Chinese charges, blaming this single group for all the violent acts in the last 11 years that the Chinese had ascribed to a spectrum of separatist organizations.


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