Thursday, September 26, 2002

Second reich
Remember Otto J. Reich, from the State Department? He's not too happy about all these Americans going to the Cuban trade show, like Jesse Ventura and the California singing raisins:
Yet the top State Department official for Latin American affairs, Assistant Secretary Otto J. Reich, has made clear his disapproval. He set off a small flap by cautioning Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura and others who plan to attend the show "not to participate in sexual tourism, which is one of the main industries in Cuba."
9/27: details from today's Times:
The scene in the exhibition hall seemed strangely dissonant. Men dressed like M&M's and cans of Spam drifted past workers who noshed, happily and greedily, on the snacks and drinks offered at the booths. There were boxes of corn flakes, tubs of chocolate ice cream, slices of creamy cake, sausages, cheese, bacon and thick roast beef, all of it a feast to Cuban eyes....

Mr. Castro lauded "heroic Cuban chickens" who work hard to produce eggs under difficult circumstances. Cuban officials had just signed with Radloe Foods LLC to import 30 million eggs for $1.5 million.


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