Tuesday, September 10, 2002

This article explains why the pending introduction of GM wheat will be an economic disaster for American farmers. You think they're fucked now?
Meanwhile, Sir Howard Douchebag, bizarrely quoting Goya, rails against public stupidity for obstructing the march of science. Irrational fears of BSE and GE crops, he says, are to blame for our inability to cure cancer or Alzheimer's.

Normally, I try to let these assholes speak for themselves, but this is just so stupid, so 100 years ago, that I have to say this: the self-proclaimed rationalists like Sir Howard are the ones to blame for the decrepitude of their own epistomological system. Prostrating themselves at the altar of a scientific method profaned by their abuses and sophistries, they have created the "monster" of public distrust and skepticism.

What's a transmissible spongiform encephelopathy? We have NO FUCKING IDEA, but we'll let it into our food supply, lie about it, and then give the Nobel prize to some douchebag who stole other people's work and came up with a stupid name, without actually explaining anything. I should note that Sir Harold is a fucking sociologist, which is a) stupid; 2) not even "science." Of course people's fears of things they don't understand are irrational; but they should be afraid, considering what the "rational" people have been unleashing on us for the last 100 years.


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