Monday, October 07, 2002

Bill Moyers's show did a segment on GM food last week. I've really got to pay more attention to the PBS schedule. They've got a real nice website, with a transcript:
DR. MICHAEL PHILLIPS, PHD, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR FOR FOOD AND AGRICULTURE, BIOTECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY ORGANIZATION (BIO): If you're the government of Mexico, hopefully you've learned a lesson here and that is that it's very difficult to keep a new technology from, you know, entering your borders particularly in a biological system....

We're approving them here in the United States, to the South of Mexico, we've got Brazil, we've got Argentina, that's adopting these technologies and so it really is incumbent upon the Mexican government to step up the process and get your regulatory system in place so that you can begin accepting these new products and give your farmers the opportunity to choose.

Plus: GM contamination of organic crops is starting to become a real problem; the poultry industry shits a brick at the spector of allowing organic chickens to walk around; more anti-organic specious math from the Hudson Institute.


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