Monday, October 14, 2002

The USDA is taking care of your food safety. Don't worry about it [from memepool]. Thank God they're taking care of organic food for us too.

Speaking of which, the LA Times and the Chron have more on the effects of USDA certification. The former explains why complaints about the program are more significant than a bunch of hippies whining about being sold out by the man:

Organic farming, once seen as the salvation for the small farm, has become increasingly difficult to manage and only marginally more profitable, growers say, as large players with greater economies of scale have muscled in and driven down prices. "It's much harder now to start an organic farm than it was in the past," said R. Ford Denison, an agriculture professor and director of organic farming research at UC Davis. And he said the increased involvement of large farms is "probably having a more negative effect on the profitability of small organic farms than increasing demand is having a positive effect."
Which is not the only reason the USDA is missing the point

Plus, US backs off on GM food fight with EU -- thanks to which U.S. farmers can still find uncontaminated seed (here); more industrial monoculture "externalities"


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