Thursday, October 10, 2002

You don't know you're drinking organic wine because it's not labelled: people think it sucks, and you can't call it organic if you use sulfites, no matter what you did to the grapes. But grape growers in Cali at least think it's worth it:
Practices such as composting and controlling weeds by hand rather than with herbicides can be expensive, and most vintners acknowledge that, initially, there are additional costs to farming organically. There's also a lot of ongoing paperwork for anyone who's certified. But in the long run, some say, organic farming can cost less.

Bynum says he has cut his water use by half because the soil is so healthy. And, of course, he's not buying a lot of chemicals. Sanford looks at the additional labor costs this way: ``I think it's a trade-off between buying chemicals and paying people. I'd much rather pay people.''

See this Wine Spectator article on sulfites. I just had an astounding unsulfured Morgon and I was blown away, but the process is very tricky, expensive, and obviously better suited to Beaujolais than anything else.


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