Friday, November 08, 2002

The Institute of Food Technologists has announced that organic food is dangerous! The reason is highly complicated science stuff that you probably won't understand:
IFT reveals that scientific information is insufficient to ensure that foodborne pathogens are killed during composting and applying manure.
Oh, OK. Who wants more E. coli with their Broccoflower? Let's just engineer our food to outlive the bacteria (China likes it) -- that's probably easier than figuring out how to compost.

Plus, more on bio-pharming [cf. Tues.]; "civil society" weighs in on the Mexican corn (these people have issues, but no one else is doing anything...); Schmeiser appeals to the Supreme Court. Featuring this excellent Rummy-style quote:

"The actual case is pretty cut and dried," said Canada's spokesperson for Monsanto Co., Trish Jordan, "Mr. Schneider was found guilty of patent violation. This was no accident."


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