Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Justin Gillis had a pair of ProdiGene stories (1, 2) in the Post over the weekend, which revealed that 1) this has happened before; 2) the company is dying to get around the (rather limited) restrictions already in place. Yawn. The CEO says the (unnamed) protein was intended to prevent an (unnamed) viral disease in pigs. Now why don't I believe that? A google search on ProdiGene turns up this shady sponsored link, along with the fresh news that they are going to fork over more than $2 million to buy the contaminated soybeans... Strangely, these "revelations" come only 2 weeks after the biopharming industry announced "voluntary" restictions on itself (remember?) Must be coincidence... another fortuitous coincidence is that GE Food Alert's most recent report [scroll down] happens to be on biopharming (if anyone has the patience to wade through the stupid fucking .doc file, let me know what it says).

Meanwhile, Skimble has Monbiot's latest column in the Guardian, with further details of how industry-funded PR hacks are assuming fake identities to plaster message boards with anti-"activist" crap. Too bad the brilliant scientists who control our future forgot to explain TCP/IP to their whores.

Sticking with annoying formats, Pew will webcast a conference on media and biotech food on Thurs., for masochistically early risers and the east coast elite; IFPRI considers benefits and problems of the Green Revolution [pdf, but worth it]; you can read posts to the latest FAO biotech forum (on research in developing countries) in blessed HTML.


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