Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Outrageous Fortune
The last two years was nothing. This is going to make the 80's look arcadian.
Deep into the night, the punditocracy's infernal fire added a thousand insults to the overwhelming injury of the senate. A mormon was elected governer of my home state. Oregon's GM-labelling initiative was crushed with a mere $5 million in last-minute agribusiness money. In my adoptive homeland of the liberal elite, a measure that would have sent people to jail for 6 months for selling non-Fair Trade coffee was resoundingly defeated (it would have been amusing to see what happened). At least a minnesotesque turnout sent our own voice in the wilderness to suffer through the coming rapture with 80% of the vote. Appropriate epitaph for American "democracy":
Local voters appeared to like the idea of hiring 100 new cops and spending more money on crime-prevention programs but didn't want to tax themselves to pay for it, according to early election returns Tuesday night.�
Details at 11.

Someone else named Max posted Wallace Stevens, apparently as an epitaph for the Democratic Party or the "American Left". Whatever, it's a great fucking poem. Let the finale be of seem.


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