Friday, January 17, 2003

acrobatic bureaucrats
IFPRI "research at a glance" on Biotechnology and Genetic Resource Policies -- really about IP regimes for biotech in the developing world. OECD report on first-world IP problems. The Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity is preparing to deliberate on on GURTs -- the licensing agreements that farmers have to sign when they buy biotech crops.* and a non-pdf interview with the head of the FAO's agriculture dept.

*Here's the latest twist to Monsanto's license:

"You receive a limited use license to prepare and apply on glyphosate tolerant soybean, cotton, or canola crops (or have others prepare and apply) tank mixes of, or sequentially apply (or have others sequentially apply) Roundup or other glyphosate herbicides labeled for use on those crops with quizalofop, clethodim, sethoxydim, fluazifop and/or fenoxiprop to control volunteer Roundup Ready corn in grower's crops for the 2003 growing season. However, neither grower nor a third party may utilize any type of co-pack or premix of glyphosate plus one or more of the above-identified active ingredients in the preparation of a tank mix."

It�s sure strange that, all of a sudden, farmers and custom applicators now have to get a license from Monsanto to take care of a problem it caused in the first place: volunteer RR corn in field of RR soybeans or other RR crops! They�ve been doing so ever since RR corn was first commercialized, before Monsanto applied for the patent in March of 1999. Furthermore, it�s strange that the US Patent Office would even consider granting Monsanto the tank mix patent, as patents are supposed to be for novel inventions. There is nothing novel or inventive about mixing herbicides.


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