Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Joan Didion must-read in NYRB
This was a year in which it would come to seem as if we had been plunged at one fell stroke into a pre-modern world. The possibilities of the Enlightenment vanished. We had suddenly been asked to accept -- and were in fact accepting -- a kind of reasoning so extremely fragile that it might have been based on the promised return of the cargo gods.
[from altercation (who, a bit further down, has more info on our old friend Otto Reich)].

Also depressing is the Times's story [in conjunction with CBC and Frontline] on working conditions at a Texas pipe factory.

And proceedings of a CIMMYT conference on gene flow in maize, from 1997.

CPSI hammers the FDA for faulty GE food reviews.

Starlink is back too.


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