Wednesday, January 15, 2003

New Pew report on transgenic fish very carefully says:
Although the new animal drug application (NADA) process appears to give FDA adequate legal authority and risk management tools to evaluate potential food safety concerns associated with transgenic fish, the report finds that FDA may not be equally empowered to address the environmental and ecological concerns some associate with genetically modified (GM) fish. Specifically, the report questions whether the Agency´┐Żs review process provides the necessary levels of transparency and public participation needed to ensure public confidence, and asks whether the Agency has the expertise, authority and resources necessary to conduct a comprehensive review of transgenic fish.
Duh. [cf. the Post]

A site called has some interesting info, such as this mind-bogglingly obvious critique of apparently widespread flaws in evaluating transgenic plant stress resistance.

Gene therapy is eating it [NYT | google | FDA], but you knew that.

Monsanto-funded research in the UK claims that GM beets will help skylarks, or something [BBC].


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