Friday, January 24, 2003

The USDA could conceivably win a stupidity contest with Monsanto's PR people. Now, they've gone and sold 950 bushels of GE corn that the Iowa Farmer's Union and Friends of the Earth claim makes sows infertile. [NYT] Hey, let's make $2200 (guessing based on futures prices) at the expense of another negative publicity shitstorm.

Luckily, they have a handle on the US Wheat crop (this is a detailed analysis of how fucked wheat farmers will be if they plant RoundupReady wheat).

Anne Veneman, the current Ag secretary, got a D on her report card from something called The National Journal. That is pretty impressive, considering they gave Ashcroft an A-. To be fair, they had some problems before she got there.

Problems not limited incompetence, but including the current state of the law, in which it somehow has no legal authority to enforce food safety violations, a situation that more funding will hardly ameliorate (though it can't hurt). Maybe it will prevent things like the latest "voluntary" listeria recall.


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