Friday, February 21, 2003

Bad Chicken [NYT | google news | NPR | Cropchoice]
As you may have heard, douchebag Hastert snuck a rider into the Valentine's appropriation bill allowing chickens be be called organic when they're not -- as long as organic feed costs more than twice as much as conventional. This may not be as heinous as last year's Lilly license to poison rider, but it is an excellent example of almost everything that is wrong with our country, and the USDA's organic program. Make a point of avoiding chicken from Fieldale Farms, the Georgia company at whose behest this little end-run around democracy -- and bureaucracy -- was executed. You can tell them how much they suck on their convenient email form. You could also email Nathan Deal, the Georgia rep. so eager to fellate Hastert for a mere $4000 from Fieldale. Pretty good ROI.

Also: email Pat Leahy and tell him to go, girl.


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