Monday, March 10, 2003

FoodRoutes points out some problems with that StarLink settlement:
"As best I can tell," says one knowledgeable source, "the attorneys on both sides worked out this deal without letting any farmer be part of the discussions."

Second, the amount of money contained in the settlement appears to less than actual damages incurred by non-StarLink growers. Farmers, including some who had outside attorneys review the proposed settlement, say the money they will receive amounts to "a penny a bushel or maybe $1 per acre" in damages.

Anecdotal evidence, says one farmer, points to actual market damages of "more than 15-cents a bushel and maybe as much as 40-cents a bushel." Another farmer notes that farmers who grew StarLink "got 25-cents a bushel from Aventis, but we who didn't grow it are going to get just a fraction of that amount. It's not right."

Further down the page, the pork and beef checkoff cases head to appeals court [background].


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