Friday, March 07, 2003

trans-atlantic relations
J forwards this sweet popup from the Hotel Sainte-Beuve's homepage:
Dear American Friends,

These last few months, politicians and the mass media on both sides of the Atlantic have been bashing us with two versions of the same story: Frenchies are arrogant traitors poking America in the eye! Americans are a bunch of war-happy loonies looking for world domination!


Folks, let's put the show on hold, and think together for a minute: who is holding the microphone for dear life, and pounding the message with a tremendous whack?

Not you, not us. Not the little people. But journalists and politicians.

Politicians will always put their own interests before yours - remember 'Follow the money trail' - and journalists love the sound of their own voices, and a good controversy - whether rooted in fact, or totally fabricated....

The truth is we, French people, like American folks. Beyond our pride of being French, we greatly admire the American people. We always have.

Over the years, we took notice of your commendable efforts to speak French. Yes, some of us won't tell you, but we generally appreciate your efforts to address us in our language. We also try to better our English skills (please don't laugh at our accent).

We appreciate your polite, non-intrusive behavior when you come to visit. We cannot say that all of us Frenchies behave as well when we visit you. We gotta try harder.

All of us who have travelled abroad know that the cultural differences which exist between Americans and Frenchies can be resolved with a smile and a good word. There cannot be any lasting misunderstanding between two peoples of goodwill.

You are very welcome in our country. We have many good things to offer, we hope some of them appeal to your hearts and interests.

You are welcome in France. Don't listen to tall tales to the contrary. We the people are not our 'governing elites'. You folks are not your government or the press.

Let's remain friends.

Grovelling frog. I mean, lets go to Paris!


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