Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Wired seems to be publishing the same shit that was so radical 10 years ago. Witness the breathless description of the coming bio-dystopia in the April issue, which concludes:
With any luck, the new pharma economy will catalyze a long boom greater than that of 1982-2000.
Yay, the future!

Generic state of the question review of the AgBiotech industry at a site called BiotechTech.

Mark Lesney discusses coming traits in Today's Chemist at Work [can't tell if this is free or requires ACS membership]; consider this:

Abiotic stresses, such as inappropriate temperature, drought, or excess mineral salts also routinely decrease food quality and yield. The next generation of genetically engineered plants is being developed to deal with such stresses--something that might prove critical in the face of global warming, or "thermogeddon", as Rowan Sage from the University of Toronto referred to it at a 2003 Gordon Conference on Temperature Stress in Plants.
All this biotech stuff got you confused? UC Davis has a nice little brochure explaining the basics of biotechnology in plant breeding.


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