Tuesday, April 29, 2003

brought to you by Craig Venter:
The goal I have is to make genomics transform medicine. That's not going to happen in academic babble towers talking about it.
Technically, that's a mixed metaphor piled on top of a shocking kind of illiteracy (the wrong kind of tower + ignorance of Babel). It would almost be clever if intentional, but the interview makes it clear it's not. And let's not forget that the idea behind it is actually dangerous.

subsequent clarification: error 1 (Babel for ivory) is clearly Venter's, while #2 (babble for Babel) is probably some poor engineer-transcriber. But the interview is so incoherent I was thinking it could have been conducted via IM or SMS...

Also, NSU reports that Venter is now sequencing the Sargasso Sea.

As the meme flies [5/5] From Baltimore to a Babel beauty parlor:

"America is in its ivory tower palace," she said, referring to the American authorities based in a palace. "We are used to having coups and revolutions. But usually people who stage them take over the country afterward."


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