Thursday, April 24, 2003

sound familiar?
It is, on the face of it, a mute slab of pinkish grey meat sweating lightly in its clingfilm wrapper, a lacklustre staple of our English diet with nothing much to say for itself. Look at the price tag, however, and the pork chop speaks volumes about greed, the collapse of British agriculture, the lunacy of supermarket pricing and the incessant demands of the consumer.

At 80p - based on a supermarket value pack of four, costing �3.20 - it is half the price it was in 1953 (as a proportion of household income) and eight per cent cheaper than it was five years ago. Yet in the same five-year period, as food bills have shrunk and supermarket profits soared, the UK pork industry has been decimated.

4/25: The massive Bristol Bay antitrust lawsuit is showing how processors fix prices in order to impoverish salmon fishermen.


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