Friday, May 16, 2003

Bush's brain, and his package
Tidbits from Leman's 5/12 New Yorker profile of Rove. His first memory of president codpiece:
"It was the day before Thanksgiving, 1973," Rove said. "Chairman Bush's chief of staff called me and said, 'I've got to be at a meeting on the Hill, the chairman's got to be at a meeting at the White House, the other people in the office have already gone, and the eldest son's going to be coming down from Harvard. He's going to arrive at the train station, early afternoon. He'll call over here when he gets to the train station. Meet him down in the lobby and give him the keys to the family car.' I can literally remember what he was wearing: an Air National Guard flight jacket, cowboy boots, bluejeans, complete with the -- in Texas you see it a lot-one of the back pockets will have a circle worn in the pocket from where you carry your tin of snuff, your tin of tobacco. He was exuding more charisma than any one individual should be allowed to have."
Hey Karl: rednecks like you call it chaw. And you better hope Santorum doesn't read this. The AWOL flight jacket is a nice touch though.
In one of our interviews, I asked Rove to lay out the basic American political correlation of forces-who's a Republican and who's a Democrat.... He moved on to the Democratic base: "Somebody with a doctorate." This he said with perhaps a suggestion of a smirk.


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