Friday, May 30, 2003

Don't worry about it, the FDA is on it:
The FDA reviews biotech foods for safety, and the agency's action on a new biotech crop is often characterized in press accounts as approval. But legally, it isn't.

The FDA operates a voluntary system under which biotech companies decide on their own how to test the safety of their products, submit summaries of their data -- not the full data -- to the FDA, and win a letter that says, in so many words, that the agency has reviewed the company's conclusion that its new products are safe and has no further questions. In most cases, the data on which the safety conclusion is based remain secret. It is a much less rigorous system than the FDA procedures for reviewing new drugs or food additives, in which the agency will spend months if not years going over company claims in detail.

[from Gillis's article, 2 items down.]

Cause, you know, they're doing such a good job with the pharmaceuticals, like Schering-Plough and Warner-Lambert.

Consider DeLay's latest apocalyptic ravings in this context. Burdensome regulation is crippling them. Douchebags.


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