Friday, May 23, 2003

Fish Friday
I was going to write about some of the inanities printed in the Post's account of last week's Nature study of the destruction of the world's fish stocks, but Jim Capozzola at Rittenhouse Review took care of it (and subsequent stupidities too dumb to name). Then yesterday, the latest on "rockfish":
The collapse of West Coast rockfish populations was triggered by a flawed federal management system that set excessive harvest levels, failed to properly account for fish caught and favored commerce over conservation, an environmental coalition charged Wednesday.
The Nature report came out on the same day I was talking with a friend about how seafood was becoming morally inedible and I was thinking about an earlier paper demonstrating that commercial fishing is intrinsically unsustainable. But that was also the day Copper River Salmon season opened -- a small cause for hope. (Alaska Salmon is basically the only fish you should eat at this point). Think I'll make some for dinner, before we kill them all off.


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