Friday, May 02, 2003

Grassy knoll dept.
After recalling the good old draft-evading days on his toy boat, Pres. copilot heads to Santa Clara today for some more speaking in tongues with the choir at United Defense, maker of the aptly-named crusader howitzer. Rummy, of course, killed the Crusader (or tried to), and it is supposedly related to the firing of Army Sec. Thomas "what email?" White.

United Defense is, of course, owned by The Carlyle Group.

So who's sending a message to who?

[Added Globe link via Conason, who also reminds us: "And then I remembered exactly how he has demonstrated his respect and admiration for those who actually serve. His budget slashes their benefits over the next decade by almost $29 billion and restricts their medical care, in order to reduce taxes on his friends and patrons."]


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