Wednesday, May 21, 2003

San Joachin valley farmland conservation [Post via ABE].

Vermonters try to do something about school lunch [Vt. 7 Days via Saut´┐Ż Wed.].

WAF news from the Post-Dispatch -- and St. L Indymedia [via mad prophet]..

Pharmageddon in Time.

Her work done, Christie decides to go to Starbucks incognito. I wonder where her replacement will come from? I hear Ken Lay is looking for work...

Americans: fucktards of the world:

"People are kind of incredulous," says Sarah Thorn, director of international trade for the Grocery Manufacturers Association of America, which represents scores of companies from Campbell's to Kraft. "Is it fair to claim after hundreds of years of fair use that these are 'my products?' " she asks. "Nobody thinks of Dijon mustard as . . . coming from Dijon, France. No, it is a type of mustard."
[This ties right in to the WTO shitstorm discussed below].


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