Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Via Sauté Wednesday, Guardian special section on the "way we eat now." The meat article will help you decipher the USDA's new school lunch ground beef specs, but it reveals more of how ass-backwards our food supply has become:
The cutting edge now, however, is in fat technology. Fat is seriously cheap and with the help of additives you can make it eat with a bit of chew, just like meat. You can buy thick rectangular slabs of pork back fat for about 50p a kilo to make your economy sausage. But if you want to cut costs even further, the cheapest stuff on the market is something called flare fat. This is the highly saturated fat that collects around the vital organs of the pig such as the kidneys. It was traditionally rendered into lard because you couldn't put it into sausages without it running straight back out again when they were cooked. It also clogs up your arteries. But now food scientisits are developing ways to make it hard so it doesn't ooze out.
First of all, that saturated fat is what makes meat taste good, as the pig article two entries down demonstrates. Second, what we're talking about here is leaf fat, which is the best fat for baking.


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