Friday, June 20, 2003

Everyone is full of shit, including uspirg. Their report brings up the fucking Monarch butterflies. That is so 5 years ago.

On the other hand, they have some interesting numbers:

From 1987 through 2002 inclusive:
USDA authorized 15,461 field releases of genetically engineered organisms on 39,660 field test sites spanning 482,226 acres....
USDA generally has served as a rubber stamp for requests to conduct field tests. USDA has rejected only 3.5 percent of applications; USDA denied these requests for reasons such as incomplete applications or other minor paperwork errors.
The percentage of field tests being conducted with introduced genes considered to be Confidential Business Information has increased nearly every year, from 0 percent in 1987 to more than 69 percent in 2002.
[Of course, just because they're full of shit about the butterflies doesn't mean the rest of it is useless. Just trying to be fair after I accused the nuffield report of being full of shit for fucking up the Nature-Quist/Chapela story.]


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