Monday, June 02, 2003

Makarevitch, et al., "Complete sequence analysis of transgene loci from plants transformed via microprojectile bombardment," Plant Molecular Biology 52 (2003): 421-32
full-length and partially truncated copies of the delivered DNA were integrated in different orientations, interspersed with regions of extensively scrambled transgene and genomic DNA sequences, and, in two cases, flanked by rearranged genomic DNA. These observations indicate that even loci that appear to be perfect transgene insertions based on Southern analyses may be complex and contain scrambled regions of transgene and genomic DNA.
Too technical for me to say much about, except that it demonstrates much more extensive DNA "scrambling" than is normally claimed to take place in transgenic plants. [It is possible that this paper lends support to Quist and Chapela's disputed findings in the mexican maize.] They also note that the transgenic DNA is most likely to be deliverd in "gene-rich" regions of the target DNA -- where all this scrambling is more likely to have serious effects.


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