Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Oh yeah, Afghanistan. I forgot.

Also see Roger Thurow's WSJ article (if you don't have a subscription, the headline sums it up nicely):

Road to Hunger
Behind the Famine in Ethiopia: Glut and Aid Policies Gone Bad
Fledgling Free Market Failed As Surplus Battered Prices; Farmers Slashed Planting
Then the Drought Took Over
Both peasant farmers and commercial operators had no option but to sell for what was being offered. They were caught without a safety net between the withdrawn government intervention and the incomplete free-market system....

The result is that Ethiopia's unfolding tragedy is compounded by this absurdity: While the country begs for food, great stretches of fertile land in the more-drought-resistant wheat and corn belts are lying fallow or being underworked.

Then there's the famine at the other end of Africa.


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