Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Holy Shit
The prized pecorino called casu marzu, "rotten cheese," however, is not [readily available in Sardinia]. Banned by Italian health laws and EU regulations, it is basically a pecorino which has been infested with the larvae of flies, which live in and eat the chesse and make it pungent and creamy-chunky in texture. Casu marzu, also known as walking cheese, usually kept in the dark so the maggots remain dormant, is not sold in stores, but Antonella managed to find one for me... The maggots started jumping around like crazy and landing everywhere, including on us. It was quite wild to look at, let alone contemplate eating. I smeared a piece of creamy leaping cheese on a piece of bread and took a bite. It tasted like an extremely ripe gorgonzola without the veining of blue mold....
[Clifford A. Wright in the new Saveur]

Should you wish to learn more you can go the Slow Food cheese festival in Bra (Piedmont), 19-22 September, where you can also try tamer specialties. Or you can just read Carlo Petrini's new book and interview with Amanda Hesser.


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