Monday, July 28, 2003

To my legions of anxious fans -- I have been physically unable to type for several days, but I am now more or less recovered and ready to provide you with a constant stream of information and invective.

Those of you who feel strongly about sustainable agriculture but are afflicted with gnawing concerns about elitism as you peruse the produce at your local Whole Foods (a/k/a "whole paycheck") would do well to consider these organic farmers in Washington who are working with foodbanks to provide good produce to needy familes.

Also check out: radio show from last summer on the Mexican GM corn debacle; learn about the USDA's experimental feedlot and research on new biocontrol bacteria; Science News contemplates the ocean's depletion and engineering blight-resistant potatoes (research in PNAS); the real Cancun is scarier than you think.


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