Friday, August 22, 2003

Also from the August NBt, Hepeng Jia reports on problems implementing GM labelling in China, where nothing is labelled more than a year after the deadline, and suggests, again, that the law is simply a de facto trade barrier (and intended as such).
Sakamoto, et al. (909-13) create trangenic dwarf rice plants by targeted overexpression of gibberellin 2-oxidase.

From Transgenic Research 12, August 2003:
Halina M. Zbikowska (379-389) summarizes recent work on trangenic fish;
David Tepfer et al. (425-37) demonstrate DNA transfer from six species of plants to a soil bacterium;
Elizabeth A. Maga and a shitload of coauthors from Pangene and UC Davis (485-496) discover a more efficient way to produce transgenic livestock.


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