Thursday, August 14, 2003

Fish in a barrel, or blogging about blogging
I have at times considered changing my motto to mastering the obvious since 2002, but it turns out other people have a better title to it. A friend just sent me this SARS "debate" between Michael Fumento and some guy from Tenn. Fumento is one of those fake "debunkers" who comes up with something obvious that our quisling press corps hasn't written about (largely because... it's obvious), then writes an article about what a genius he is for figuring out that something is the opposite of conventional wisdom. No shit, douchebag.

That said, you have to pity him his interactions with "the blogosphere", which apparently does have trouble mastering the obvious at mind-numbing length -- in this case, the obvious fact that SARS is so not a big deal. The scariest thing about the whole meaningless exchange was this comment, left at the blog in question:

It seems to me that Internet blogging is essentially the new wave of journalism. The cost and access bar has been dramatically lowered and the competition of ideas is in full flow and will only expand. Mr. Fumento is harboring the illusion that he is important because of the distribution of old media. On the contrary, you are more important because you are read by the early adopters of this new form of journalistic information delivery. We early adopters are more influential in the long run than the myriad readers of old media. Just watch the evolution of ideas that will follow from the blogs -- the place that truth and reason win out.
This guy has been spending too much time jerking off to back issues of Wired.

8/21: If you don't understand how preposterously stupid this is, Mr. Fumento has taken the trouble to explain that blogging is like karaoke. Also, check out his spectacular hate mail; it's hard to choose, but I think my favorite is:

Your commentary created in me an anger gut wrenching and almost visceral in its force.
[Post edited for clarity, which was allegedly lacking! I had to remove links to two amazingly dumb blogs (1, 2) that I wanted to share, plus a tbogg post on the former.]


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