Friday, August 01, 2003

I'm falling behind -- in particular there are some interesting articles in the August issues of Nature Biotechnology and Transgenic Research that I will have to tell you about later.

In the meantime, though, I want to again note the problems with the concept of organic food. Margaret Webb Pressler describes its industrial massification in this Post article, and Michael Pollan saved me some work by saying this in March:

The way we spend our food dollars is one of the most important votes we cast, and the choice we consumers are increasingly going to be faced with is not organic or conventional, but local or organic. I come down on the side of local. When you buy local, you're voting for a short, highly legible food chain -- one that supports all three legs of the original vision. This shorter food chain brings the consumer and producer together, and the producer gets to tell her story. Organic label or not, it had better be a good story: clean food, grown without pesticides, the animals being treated humanely. Another reason to buy local is that farms produce more than food -- they produce a kind of landscape too, which your food dollars help to conserve.
[both via the excellent ABE]


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