Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Annals of Advertising
"Those data are totally unreliable," said Dr. Arnold Relman, a professor emeritus at Harvard Medical School who has been critical of the drug industry. "If they want to say that direct-to-consumer ads have a certain effect on the behavior of people who see them, they have to compare it to people who don't see the ads. And the fact is, that there isn't anybody in the United States who is alive who doesn't see them."
Then, the Times emailed me this today:
Silk(R) Soymilk is new at Starbucks

Double Tall Latte
Grande Tazo(r) Chai, extra hot
Make your morning cup a little Silkier...
Try Silk(r) soymilk at Starbucks today.

Are they serious? Who drinks this shit?


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