Monday, September 22, 2003

Metafilter thread on food blogs. Whenever I see lists like this, I get a panicky feeling that I'm somehow shirking my internet responsibilities by failing to read such sites. Today I actually clicked through to each and every site listed and discovered, to my relief, that these are really cooking blogs, i.e., what I made for dinner last night. Not, in fact, terribly interesting. Of course, if people can write, as could the now famous Julie Powell, that's another story. an invitation to the barbecue seems like one of the more thoughtful examples of the genre. Bay area-based is more sophisticated than most, but that may be more annoying than run of the mill inanity. Then there is the pleasingly obsessive, which, unfortunately, is not really devoted to taquitos, but rather to chips and other snacks.

10/7: There is, inexplicably, another list at Forbes: the only interesting addition is le lapin gourmand, which appears to be similar to the above, except in French. Useful to expand your french food vocabulary.


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