Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Remember when Andrew Natsios said that Africans didn't know how to tell time and that is was therefore a waste to treat them for HIV? Turns out they're more assiduous pill-poppers than all you motherfuckers with half-empty bottles of amoxycillin rolling around the floor of your Hummer.

[It is interesting that back in 2001, when everyone got worked up over Natsios's little faux pas, it was the time-telling part that set them off. If you read the transcript of his statement (the subsequent Q&A is of course missing from USAID's website), you will find the background much more disturbing: Natsios is tells Congress at great length about all the great things the American people are doing about AIDS in Africa -- useful things, like putting gnomic condom messages on bags of fertilizer -- without once mentioning treatment. Thank you, great Satan!]


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