Friday, October 03, 2003

Gijs A. Kleter and Ad A. C. M. Peijnenburg, "Presence of potential allergy-related linear epitopes in novel proteins from conventional crops and the implication for the safety assessment of these crops with respect to the current testing of genetically modified crops," Plant Biotechnology Journal 1�(September 2003), 371-380 shows how conventional crop breeding can generate just as many novel (potentially) allergenic proteins as transgenic crops, concluding:
Based upon these results, it appears that novel proteins in conventional food crops and transgenic proteins in genetically modified crops do not show any particular difference in the outcome of the screening for linear IgE-binding epitopes. From this perspective, it may be concluded that both groups should be subject to the same safety assessment procedure.
[Blackwell Synergy via Denis Murphy in AgBioView]


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